Mission & Advocacy

For Alternative Planetary Futures to Realize

  1. Thou Shalt Doubt the Self

  2. Thou Shalt Love the Other

  3. Thou Shalt Steward the Planet

  4. Thou Shalt Praise the Life

  5. Thou Shalt Revere the Cosmos

  6. Thou Shalt Empower the Virtual

  7. Thou Shalt Enrich the Complexity

Our Planetary Civilization is inchoate and can evolve to more maturity by 02050

There is a great and important distinction between Globalization and Planetization

We aim to clarify and highlight this evolving binary opposite


Call for a value-focused transformation of consciousness for the planetary wisdom

Our primary focus is to provide momentum for human development

in combination with economic and political development through

Innovative Critical Education and Research on Alternative Planetary Futures

We are committed to non-partisan and non-discriminatory liberty of inquiry

Our Key Values are: Beauty, Fairness, and Endurance