About Us

The Alternative Planetary Futures Institute (ApFi) was co-founded by Victor Vahidi & Jerome Glenn to be a planetary think tank.

We are nonprofit and non commercial.

We have research and advocacy programs focused on Planetary Consciousness (See a definition here)

This is accomplished under the leadership of our world-class scientific council and by the contribution of a volunteer planetary creative council (groups of individuals and organizations) around the world that connect planetary views and futures research to help expand imagination about the possible futures and build preferred futures.

What we do and support:

  • Networking among authors, artists, researchers, educators and scholars to think together about the planetary futures.

  • Designing, developing and using frameworks for the planetary identity, the technological progress, and the scientific worldview.

  • Providing inclusive and participatory systems to measure positive planetary change.

  • Collecting resources, books and media that primarily explore the planetary futures.

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Possible represents a comprehensive resource for researchers and practitioners interested in an emerging multidisciplinary area within psychology and the social sciences: the study of how we engage with and cultivate the possible within self, society and culture.

Far from being opposed either to the actual or the real, the possible engages with concrete facts and experiences, with the result of transforming them. This encyclopedia examines the notion of the possible and the concepts and themes associated with it from standpoints within psychology, philosophy, sociology, neuroscience and logic, as well as multidisciplinary fields of research including anticipation studies, future studies, complexity theory and creativity research.

Presenting multiple perspectives on the possible, the authors consider the distinct social, cultural and psychological processes - e.g., imagination, counterfactual thinking, wonder, play, inspiration, and many others - that define our engagement with new possibilities in domains as diverse as the arts, architecture, design, education and business.