About Us

The Alternative Planetary Futures Institute (Ap-Fi) was founded in Washington D.C. to be a planetary think tank.

We are nonprofit and non commercial.

We have research and advocacy programs focused on Planetary Consciousness.

This is accomplished under the leadership of our world-class scientific council and by the contribution of a volunteer planetary creative council (groups of individuals and organizations) around the world that connect planetary views and futures research to help expand imagination about the possible futures and build preferred futures. 

What we do and support:

Q: First of all, why is the preferred acronym "Ap-Fi" instead of "APFI"?

A: The better acronym for our think tank is "Ap-Fi" (pronounced like "Wi-Fi" or "Sci-Fi"), emphasizing its connection to modern technology and innovation.

Q: What policies and organizations does Ap-Fi target, and what advocacy tactics does it employ? 

A:  Ap-Fi focuses on persuading  foresight scholars/networks, the United Nations, world governments, and major stakeholders such as corporations about the importance of Planetary Consciousness. The Ap-Fi think tank primarily employs tactics such as providing educational resources, publicly available research, media engagement, and debates. It does not engage in lobbying or interventions in political campaigns. The opposition to Ap-Fi's position may include chauvinistic nationalism, religious extremism, xenophobia, and racism.

Q: How does Ap-Fi involve participants in advocacy efforts? 

A:  Ap-Fi engages its audiences and participants through various means, including providing and offering educational resources and content on key policies, providing resources such as a curated library and free monitoring services, organizing media engagements, and facilitating debates. These activities aim to foster understanding and active participation in shaping a Planetary Consciousness and exploring a range of Alternatives to Globalization.

Q: What resources does  Ap-Fi utilize in its work? 

A:  Ap-Fi  has a dedicated scientific council composed of world-class experts in planetary and civilizational futures and foresight. These individuals contribute their expertise to the think tank's research and policy development. 

Q: Any suggestions for Academic Literature Sources on Planetary Consciousness?

A: You can begin your exploration from Here (1) and Here (2).

We are a US 501(c)(3) public charity; hence, for US taxpayers, the donation is tax-deductible. 

Charity ID: 87-2421576