Horizon Scanning and Monitoring

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Many people around the planet are sharing videos about 

Planetary Consciousness 

Technological Revolutions

Scientific Worldview

We have found important high quality weak and strong signals.

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Human-Centered AI

Evolution of Consciousness 

Horizons of Planetary Culture

Significance of Earth Day 

Myth of TechnoTranshumanism

China's Space Operations

Necessity for Space Colonization

Big History Anthropocene 

US on UN Summit of the Future

Seminario UNAM 2023

There's no Planet B

Megacrisis Debate II

Debate on Artificial Intelligence

A Case for Optimism

Humanity from 2050

Designing for the Planet

Visions of a Sustainable World

Global consciousness

Strategic Foresight Practice

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self 

Evaluation in a changing world

 Stanford Global Systemic Risk

GPT-4 Developer Livestream

What's Next? | Patagonia

Four Global GPT Scenarios

Planetary Justice

Blue Marble Now 50 Years On

A World Pulled Apart?

Futures for the Living World

Humanity in 2050

Going beyond GDP

 50 years of fragmented futures

Global Brain Singularity 

Our World by 2030

8 billion strong

Dubai Future Forum 2022


What is consciousness? 

One Planet, One Ocean

Should We Trust Nature 

Are we living in a simulation?