Mission & Advocacy 

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020-2023 was a humble awakening for humanity as a whole which galvanized the planetary digital transformation in addition to the restructuring of national and international health and welfare systems.

Such a planetary awakening should continue nonstop and we should, for the sake of positive planetary change, include alternative specific goals and targets that can be measured much like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which have balancing and reinforcing effects in the inner world as integral to the external world.

We need to adopt a worldview highly compatible with the scientific worldview and then go through several stages for planetary transformation.

The SDGs are an admirable and necessary step towards increasing our collective awareness about planetary conditions. The setting of goals and targets and the monitoring of indicators are all very much necessary.

Objective analysis of the external world in similar initiatives such as the State of the Future Index (SOFI) of the Millennium Project has been very successful in its impact to raise the planetary consciousness.

But we should not downplay the importance of measuring and monitoring the inner world transformations, i.e. shifting of worldviews.

Political spaces can benefit a great deal if we cast doubt on the agenda of globalization and put in its place the idea of ‘planetization’, a planetary identity, and the associated goals and targets which are necessary to make a radical change in the inner world of individuals, meaning that no one will be forgotten or left behind.

The framework of a possible planetary future should integrate analytical thinking with motivational feelings. It serves to transform the inner world of individuals, as well as the world out there, by helping them to question and update their mythologies, worldviews, assumptions, and values.

We, therefore, need evaluation and monitoring of three key programs:

1.    Culture of Hope Through Planetary Consciousness;

2.    Planetary Benefits and Risks of Technological Revolutions; and

3.    Integral Development of Scientific Worldview in Art and Literature.

Our planetary civilization is inchoate and can evolve to more maturity by the year 2050. We aim to clarify and highlight the evolving binary opposite between Globalization and Planetization toward that maturity.

We call for a value-focused transformation of consciousness for the planetary wisdom.

Our primary focus is to provide momentum for human development in combination with economic and political development through innovative critical education and research on Alternative Planetary Futures.

We are committed to non-partisan and non-discriminatory liberty of inquiry.

Our Key Values are: Beauty, Fairness, Compassion, and Endurance. 


We are a US 501(c)(3) public charity; hence, for US taxpayers, the donation is tax-deductible. 

Charity ID: 87-2421576