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Washington, D.C. – April 12, 2024 – The Alternative Planetary Futures Institute (Ap-Fi), a think tank in Washington D.C., announces the unveiling of its framework for understanding macrohistory. Rooted in the exploration of symbolic value across temporal and spatial dimensions, this framework promises to help better comprehend and analyze historical and futures narratives.

Ap-Fi's Progressive & Cyclical Macrohistory Framework is centered around the notion of increasing levels of creativity and complexity, woven through mythologies related to god-like power. By charting the course of human civilization through four distinct ages, Ap-Fi seeks to shed light on the interconnectedness of past and future ages and the recurring themes that define them.

The framework delineates the following ages:





Each age is characterized by unique socio-cultural dynamics, technological advancements, and shifts in power structures. Ap-Fi's framework delves deep into the symbolic significance of these ages, unveiling the intricate tapestry of human history through the lens of mythological narratives and their enduring impact on societal development.

Progressive & Cyclical Macrohistory Framework offers a visionary perspective on the evolution of human civilization. By tracing the trajectory of symbolic value across time and space, it aims to provide scholars, policymakers, and the general public with a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping our collective destiny.

This unveiling marks a key moment for Ap-Fi as it continues to spearhead research at the intersection of culture, technology, and societal transformation. The institute invites scholars, researchers, and thought leaders from around the globe to engage with this framework and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the trajectory of human civilization.


The State of Planetary Futures in the Age of Global Consciousness

In the ever-evolving condition of our planet's future, the current state of affairs demands a critical examination. It is imperative to assess the pressing issues that define the State of Planetary Futures in the present moment. This essay addresses the intricate web of challenges and opportunities that characterize the global landscape, touching upon the unprecedented environmental changes, socio-cultural shifts, and technological advancements that shape our journey forward.

UN Summit of the Future 

In preparation for the zero draft of the Pact for the Future, the co-facilitators of the UN Summit of the Future: Multilateral Solutions for a Better Tomorrow, Germany and Namibia invited written inputs from Major Groups and Other Stakeholders (MGoS), other civil society networks and organizations, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and academia. Stakeholders were encouraged to reflect on the scope of the Pact for the Future outlined in the UN General Assembly Decision 77/568 and to provide concise, concrete and action-oriented recommendations structured around the elements of the Pact for the Future.

The call for written inputs concluded on December 31, 2023 resulting in a wealth of submissions that will play a crucial role in shaping the zero draft. Among the contributors, the Alternative Planetary Futures Institute (Ap-Fi) has submitted a noteworthy input, reflecting the commitment to advancing planetary futures.

Futures Wheel Analysis 

First, Second, and Third Order Impacts of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine 

created on 25 February 2022 

Futures Studies

Contributions and Sources 

This comprehensive work delves into the diverse facets of futures studies and is set to be a resource for scholars, policymakers, and forward-thinkers alike. The new release which spans various dimensions of the future, boasts an array of topics, all meticulously explored by leading experts in their respective fields. “Futures Studies: Contributions and Sources” aims to illuminate the paths to more innovative planetary futures for humanity. This publication offers readers a multidimensional understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Table of Contents

The Future Ages of Collective Awakening

Executive Summary

Weak and strong signals, from diverse and independent sources, point to an imminent global consciousness, suggesting spirit, mind, and ethical revolutions. On the horizon, we observe a new rush hour of the prophets, ideologies, and cults calling for first values and first principles. In 2100 the planetary consciousness will push machine-humanity towards increasing freedom. In 3000, at the dawn of the cosmic age, the myth of the sacred rock will be re-defined around the entire planet Earth.

Table of Contents

A Dialogue on Science Fiction

How to Achieve Planetary Wisdom Through Future Consciousness

Table of Contents

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