Integral Development of Scientific Worldview in Art and Literature 

Horizon Scanning and Monitoring

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In the vast expanse of space so wide, 

A planet spins with humans inside. 

The future beckons with its hand, 

And we must tread a new path to land.

The universe, it seems so vast, 

And we, a tiny speck at last, 

But hope still shines within our hearts, 

And progress guides us through the stars.

We'll explore the cosmos, far and near, 

And leave behind our earthly fear. 

New worlds will greet us with their grace, 

As we embark on a cosmic chase.

Our planet, too, we'll strive to heal,

And make it thrive with every zeal. 

We'll harness the power of the sun, 

And all its energy, as we run.

With science, art, and empathy, 

We'll forge a path to destiny, 

And build a future that we'll share, 

With all humanity, everywhere.

So let us look to the horizon, 

And step towards the unknown, 

For the future is our shining beacon, 

And with courage, it will be shown.

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